Civic and Professional Leadership Institute

Empowered as speakers, writers, and communicators, the leaders of tomorrow will have an unprecedented opportunity to gain experience and expertise as they prepare to take their place in their many communities. The CPLI is an exciting, integrated, four-course program dedicated to leadership through effective communication. Linked to UCSB’s Public Speaking Initiative, CPLI courses bring together the theory and practice of persuasion, justice, advocacy, civic responsibility, and local and global awareness. In addition to 1 two-unit Lecture Series that exemplifies leadership in action, students sign up for 3 CPLI-eligible courses:

  • Writing for Public Discourse (WRT 105PD), or Business and Administrative Writing (WRT 107B)

  • Advanced Public Speaking (Comm 143) or Writing for Public Speaking (WRT 105PS)

  • Gender, Communication, and Leadership (Comm 126)

  • Two-Unit Lecture Series: Dialogues in Leadership (INT 108)
    (For an add code, please contact the instructor of record, Patricia Fancher of the Writing Program).

Upon successful completion of the program, each participant receives a certificate.

For more information on the Public Speaking Initiative at UCSB, please see our Mission Statement.

Faculty affiliated with the PSI include:

Leo Cabranes-Grant, Chair of Spanish and Portuguese
Craig Cotich, Lecturer, Writing Program
James Donelan, Associate Director of the Writing Program
Norah Dunbar, Chair of Communication
Jody Enders, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Public Speaking Initiative
Trish Fancher, Lecturer, Writing Program
Gina Genova, Lecturer, Writing Program
Deborah Harris-Moore, Lecturer, Writing Program
Jeffrey Hanson, Lecturer, Writing Program
Eric Jorgensen, Graduate Student, Theater
Daniel Linz, Professor of Communication
Madeleine Sorapure, Director, Writing Program
William Warner, Distinguished Professor of English