Italy Course Information

All students will enroll in either:

8A. Elementary Conversation in Italian (2 Units) 
An elementary course in conversational Italian for students who have never taken any Italian classes or have taken Italian level 1 up to level 3. The conversation will focus on terminology associated with Mediterranean Italy and the field trips included in the program. The course will include some lab work as well.


109S / 110S. Advanced Conversation in Italian (2 Units) 
An advanced course focused on improving reading-comprehension for students who have taken Italian level 4 or above. Students will be reading and commenting poetic and prose texts by southern authors or about Mediterranean Italy. Students should choose whether to enroll in Ital 109S or 110S depending on whether they want to take the class P/NP (109S) or for grade (110S) so that the two units can count towards the Italian major or minor.


189A. Italy in the Mediterranean: History, Arts and Culture (5 units)
This course taught in English will apply a Mediterranean perspective to the history, culture and arts of Italy, and in particular of the Neapolitan area, from antiquity to the present. Lectures will be combined with nearby and medium range field trips. (GE: Area E Requirement, Culture and Thought and this course also satisfies the Special Subject Area Requirement: European Traditions.)

189B. Italy in the Mediterranean Field Course (1 unit)
Four all-day guided field trips connected to Italian 189A.