Program and Curriculum

Program Description

We are offering a 4-week, 8-unit, 2-course program of study: every student will take Sociology 134GJ:  The Global Justice Movement, and Sociology 130GC:  The Global City.  Both courses will look at London and the United Kingdom as their main cases.  You will hear speakers drawn from British society and attend cultural and political events and happenings as part of each course. We will talk about diversity, public transportation, national health care, immigrants’ lives, climate change, students’ struggles and other movements for radical social change, and about culture, including fashion, art, theatre, and music. There will be field trips to plays, to other parts of London, and to museums as well as walks around London, so that we can all get a feel for this city’s global vibe.
Those of you who wish to take your studies a step further will have the opportunity to start research growing out of one or both of the courses that you will continue in the following academic year, with the possibility of earning up to 10 additional units of course credit – 1-2 units for getting started during our London summer, and 4-8 units for completing one or two research projects in the following year back at UCSB.
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Sociology 130GC (4 units): The Global City, taught by Kum-Kum Bhavnani, involves close study of London as a global city. Topics we will cover – through classroom meetings, speakers, museum and theatre visits as well as field trips – include politics and economy, culture/identity, labor/migration, local governance, and social movements, all of which will be textured through the lenses of class, ‘race’ and gender.
Sociology 134GJ (4 units): Global Justice Movements, taught by Jawiria Naseem, investigates the origins, development, and future prospects of contemporary social movements for global justice, in the realms of climate change, peace and anti-militarization, local and national autonomy, alternative economies, human rights, and against the many forms of global and local inequalities that surround us today, with a special focus on the place of the United Kingdom in the global movements.

OPTIONAL: Students wishing to deepen their research experience may earn additional units through independent research credit via Sociology 199. Contact Drs. Bhavnani if you are interested in this option (