Early Start Program

Early Start Program (Session A) - ESP students enroll in two UC Santa Barbara courses and live in a residence hall for six-weeks. High school students who are looking to increase their competitiveness when applying to UCs or other top universities in the nation should enroll in this program. By taking two academic courses, ESP provides students the opportunity to explore some of the university’s different disciplines and gain valuable college experience.

For more information about this Pre-College program and to apply please visit: http://www.summerdiscovery.com/uc-santa-barbara

Early Start Scholarship Application

To apply for an ESP scholarship, you will need to submit:

  • Proof of California Residency (Transcripts must show current California address)

  • 3.5 GPA in area A-G Requirements

  • Scholarship Application (PDF download)

  • Your Official Transcript

  • Letter/Questionnaire from Teacher (download) and Counselor/Principal (download)

  • A brief essay (up to two pages) answering the question - "What are my expectations from the Program?"

  • Copy of Parent(s)/or Guardian(s) complete 1040 Tax Return for 2017

  • 2017 W2 from Parent(s)/or Guardian(s)

Scholarships to the Early Start Program are limited and based on financial need and academic excellence. FAX all scholarship application materials to: 805-893-7306 (Attention: Early Start Program) or Mail all scholarship application materials to:

UCSB Early Start Program
Summer Sessions
2214 SAASB
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2010

Scholarship Application Deadline — April 15, 2018
For questions, please call, 805-893-7053 or email Sean Kerr at s.kerr@summer.ucsb.edu