Dance 36: History of Modern Dance

Course Details

Dance 36: The History of Modern Dance Online
Dr. Ninotchka Bennahum,
Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays after class online

Required Texts
Susan Au, Ballet & Modern Dance (New York: Thames & Hudson, 2010).
The Living Dance. An Anthology of Essays on Movement & Culture(Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt, 2013).
Class Objectives
    •    To learn to perceive dance To learn to interpret dance’s meaning
    •    To learn to describe dance both in writing and class discussion: modern; contemporary, ballet; jazz tap; and hip hop.
    •    To read dance history and develop one’s own critical and historical perspectives

Course Description
This course will take place completely online with e weekly synchronous interaction with the Professor and the professional dance artists (called Virtual Modules). In the online Virtual Models, students, dancers and the Professor will be able to see and interact with each other using Adobe Connect Pro. In these online sessions, students will have the opportunity to interact with professional, New York-based dance artists who will rehearse and perform for them. Enrolled students will also view online, pre-recorded lectures from the Professor and discuss the lectures, video links and Virtual Modules with the professional dancers in GauchoSpace forums.

Each day, you will screen on your computer from Gauchaospace, uploaded dance performances in the course Dance Video Archive. You will write brief, reflective pieces on the videos you have seen and we will then discuss in threaded GauchoSpace forums, what you have seen and your reaction to it. In these written conversations, you will be expected to interact with the comments of other students as well as with those of the Professor. We will work in a virtual world in which artists from dance studios and stages in New York City in rehearsal and performance will dance and discuss past and present choreographic movements.We will read theory and history written by a wide range of artists in global contexts.You will upload your 3-page reflection papers each week to our Gauchospace course site, logging in with your UCSB Net ID and password.
Writing: We will research and write papers through the course of the summer session. Dance W 36 carries a GE writing requirement and we will work throughout the quarter, developing thesis statements, and writing four 3-page papers throughout the summer session. Class Forum Discussions:Your participation in group Gauchospace forum discussions with each other and the Professor and in the Virtual Module question and answer sessions with professional dance artists in New York City dance studios will deepen our collective understanding of dance’s place in history.

40% Participation and attendance during Virtual Modules and group forum discussions
60% Reflection Papers – due every Thursday on Gauchospace
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