2214 SAAS Building
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2010
Phone | 805-893-2315
Fax | 805-893-7306

Student Services
Silvia Marquez Student Services Representative x2315
Academic Personnel
Denise Belanger Senior Analyst x7873
Anne Ellis Administrative Analyst x7207
Special Programs
Ralph Gallucci Director, Freshman Summer Start Program x2953
Sean Kerr Student Advisor, Pre-College Programs x7053
Lina Kim Director, Research Mentorship Program, Science & Engineering Research Academy, and GRIT Talks x8950
Katie Anderson Student Advisor, FSSP, Travel Study, and other Special Undergraduate Programs x2069
Finance and Payroll
Jim Stegall Business & Finance Manager x8381
James Dennis Assistant Financial Analyst x5940
Breanne Garbutt Marketing & Communication Coordinator x4727
James Ford Director