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Music Festival
August 17, 2018
UCSB Campus
UCSB Summer Music Festival

The third annual UCSB Summer Music Festival will feature contemporary, world, and classical music with performances by the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, violist Jonathan Morgan, Gamelan Sinar Surya, Adelfos Ensemble, Mariachi Las Olas de Santa Barbara, as well as a number of UCSB graduate students. The event will be free and open to the public, and will take advantage of UC Santa Barbara’s many performance venues, including the Multicultural Center Theater, the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, Karl Geiringer Hall, and the Digital Arts & Humanities Commons.

Among the exciting highlights of this year's festival are the world premieres of new works by UCSB graduate composers, as well as a Children's Concert with appearances by festival artists. Click here for event details.

Odyssey Project
August 5, 2018
Center Stage Theater
The Odyssey Project

In this social justice initiative, UC students partner with incarcerated teens to explore the hero’s journey through original theater collaboration. The two groups join forces as an ensemble to deconstruct and reframe Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey using their own life stories. This project is social change in action. It promotes leadership roles for youth through a creative process that serves as a teaching tool for life. The course culminates in a performance at Center Stage Theater.

August 1, 2018
HSSB Ballet Studio Theater
Summer Dances

Summer Session A "Summer Dance Lab" a concert will feature new choreography by faculty member Valerie Huston and former Alvin Ailey dancer Christina Sanchez. Two New York based companies will be setting works on the students to be performed as well. Peter Cheng of Peter & Co.will be creating a new work and co-collaborators Sumi Clements and Taryn Vanderhoop of Summation dance will be re-creating an existing work.

July 18, 2018
Girvetz 1004
GRITtalks: Amy Boddy

Cancer across the tree of life: New insights into an ancient disease

Across the tree of life, we can trace cancer vulnerabilities back to the origins of multicellularity. Cancer is observed in almost all multicellular phyla, including lineages leading to plants, fungi, and animals. However, species vary remarkably in their susceptibility to cancer across the tree of life. Here I will discuss how this variation in cancer susceptibility is characterized by life history trade-offs, as cancer defense mechanisms are a major component of somatic maintenance. Lastly, I will discuss how understanding these trade-offs in the context of organismal evolution may help explain the variability we see in cancer susceptibility across human populations.