2nd Year Summer

At UC Santa Barbara, students can expect to find meaningful connection with passions and people alike.  The university nurtures a vibrant landscape for academic exploration, pursuit of new knowledge, and the exchange of ideas. While the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have challenged the entire campus community to shift into the virtual space, students who began their UC Santa Barbara career amid the pandemic have been uniquely impacted in that they haven’t yet been able to physically experience the beauty and energy of our campus. 

Enter 2nd Year Summer (2YS), an optional six-week residential program specifically designed for students who will be entering their second year at UC Santa Barbara in Fall 2021*. 2YS participants will live in the Anacapa Residence Hall, enroll in six or more units to make progress toward their educational goals, and build connection with other students through social activities and mixers. 


  • Make progress toward your degree – UC Santa Barbara students who take Summer courses are about 20% more likely to graduate on time.  Take advantage of our extensive course offerings during the less impacted summer months.

  • Get to know the campus – UC Santa Barbara is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.  Summer is a great time to explore and enjoy our gorgeous beaches, and extensive bike and hiking trails.

  • Build community – Connect with other students and build supportive social networks.  Whether virtual or in person, 2YS activities will give you the opportunity to have fun and forge friendships with peers who are similarly new to campus.  Each 2YS participant will also be paired with a 3rd or 4th year peer mentor, who has previously lived on campus, and can help you connect to resources, get to know the university, and make the most of your Summer on campus!

  • Explore campus opportunities and resources – Your second year is the perfect time to start taking full advantage of the campus’s many exciting academic and co-curricular opportunities. All 2YS students will participate in The Second Year Experience Seminar (INT 95C), designed to help you think through what you’d like to get out of your remaining time at UC Santa Barbara, and how best to do it.

Program Dates: Friday, July 30th-Saturday, September 11th (Session B)

Applications are now closed for 2021..

Please note that if you are a UC Santa Barbara student who has not been enrolled in courses for one or more quarters, you are considered a returning student. You are eligible to participate in 2nd Year Summer, but you must submit a Summer Sessions application prior to submitting a 2nd Year Summer application. Follow the steps for returning students here

Questions? Reach out to info@summer.ucsb.edu

*Please note that 2YS is an option for second year students, but not a requirement. Students are welcome to enroll in summer courses in any session without participating in 2YS, using GOLD (no application required). Students may also opt not to participate in Summer Sessions at all.