Housing & Residential Life

Students participating in 2YS will live on-campus in Anacapa Residence Hall, just steps away from the beach.  Current COVID conditions require that each student have their own room, but if conditions change by the time the program starts, students may be placed with a roommate.

2YS will offer a variety of social activities, so that students can connect, unwind, and get to know the campus. Depending on conditions at the time, activities may be virtual, or require social distancing.

Please note: Campus Housing is currently operating under the following restrictions, which may still be in effect during 2YS.  We will update this information as conditions change.

  • Each student must have their own room.

  • All students must quarantine in their rooms for the first 10 days after they move in.

  • All students must be tested for COVID-19 once per week and complete a daily online screening. (COVID testing is provided without charge for all UCSB students.)

  • Indoor common spaces are closed or restricted. 

  • When in public, all students must wear face coverings, maintain appropriate physical distance from others, and observe all current Public Health orders.

  • More information is available at https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/covid-19-information.

Because on-campus housing is not being guaranteed for 2nd year students during the 2021-2022 academic year, students participating in 2YS will not have the option to stay in their same dorm rooms after the program has ended.