Academics & Course Enrollment

FSSP students make immediate progress toward their educational goals by enrolling in UC Santa Barbara courses and completing 7-14 units, all before the academic year officially begins! Many courses have smaller class sizes during the summer months, so students benefit from individualized attention from faculty members while acclimating to UC Santa Barbara’s academic environment. FSSP students also gain access to unique opportunities, such as freshman seminars, undergraduate research courses, honors sections, and enrichment classes. 

Note that all program courses will be offered remotely in 2021. Students living on campus may be able to participate in some course meetings in person, if conditions allow. 

Building Your FSSP Schedule

All FSSP students participate in a one-unit common course, INT 95A: The Modern Research University. This course provides an introduction to internationally recognized research currently being conducted on campus, and connects you with faculty to learn about opportunities to become involved in undergraduate research during your time at UC Santa Barbara. In smaller discussion sections, graduate student mentors further introduce you to all the opportunities and resources available to you on campus. 

Upon admission to the program, FSSP students are provided with a curated list of more than 70 lower-division courses, along with helpful information about degree requirements and academic advising resources. The Schedule of Classes supports you in choosing 7–14 units that align with your educational goals. The average FSSP student enrolls in 9-10 units. 

Our dedicated advising team will provide you with explicit instructions on course enrollment when your FSSP application has been approved, but in the meantime you can click here to explore special Courses and seminars that are available. 

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