Transfer Edge enables students to get a head start academically by enrolling in 7–12 units to meet individual educational goals. All UC Santa Barbara courses will be delivered remotely in Summer 2020. The program also facilitates access to transfer-specific courses that equip students to get the most out of their UC Santa Barbara experience, by providing information about campus resources, research opportunities, on-campus jobs, and more.  

Students enroll in 1 - 2 academic courses to fulfill major, General Education, or college requirements. 
We strongly encourage students to connect with an academic advisor prior to enrolling themselves in courses, to ensure that the courses they select align with their educational goals. Specific information on how to contact an academic advisor is included in the Transfer Edge acceptance email. 

Students will be automatically enrolled in two Transfer Edge core courses prior to the start of the program. 
The entire Transfer Edge cohort will take ED 117M - Motivation and Learning for Academic Success (2 units). This course, designed specifically for incoming transfer students, presents topics on motivation and learning that contribute to academic achievement, and introduces students to a variety of campus resources that can help them to be successful.

Additionally, Transfer Edge students will be enrolled in one of the following "Major Exploration" courses, based on their declared major. These courses are online, and are free of charge to Transfer Edge participants.  

  • INT W20 - Introduction to the Research University (2 units): Students will learn about UC Santa Barbara’s many disciplines of study, how research is conducted in those fields, and the types of careers they might lead to.

  • INT W188C - Transfer Exploration Seminar in Communcation (1 unit): Students who have declared Pre-Communication as a major learn about how this discipline is approached at UC Santa Barbara, get introduced to campus faculty and their research areas, and learn "insider information" about the department and its opportunities. 

  • INT W188E - Transfer Exploration Seminar in Economics (1 unit): Students who have declared Pre-Economics/Pre-Economics & Accounting as a major learn about UC Santa Barbara’s approach to this varied discipline, and how to be a successful Econ major at a Research I university.