Will Summer Sessions courses be delivered face-to-face or via remote instruction?

Summer Sessions will be delivered via remote instruction. In order to protect the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff, and to fully comply with state and local shelter-in-place and social distancing recommendations, UC Santa Barbara will transition all courses and programs for Session A – G to remote instruction. To allow students to plan their summer schedules effectively, course meetings will continue to take place within the times published in GOLD.

What’s the difference between an online course and “remote instruction”?

Online courses have been specifically vetted, approved, and optimized for online learning. Courses being delivered remotely were designed for in-person instruction, and are being adapted for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Are there online courses available?

We will continue to offer a number of fully online courses during Summer 2020.  These courses have been specifically designed for online delivery in cooperation with campus pedagogical experts, and are vetted by test students before being offered, in order to provide the best possible online learning experience. To see fully online courses scheduled to be offered this year, visit our Online Courses page. These courses are also recognizable in GOLD and other systems, because they have a “W” between the subject and number (e.g. PSTAT W 120A instead of PSTAT 120A).

Will I get a refund if I change my plans?

Students who drop courses or cancel their Summer Quarter in accordance with published Summer Sessions deadlines will receive a full refund. At this time billing dates and payment deadlines are not expected to change. 

Since courses are transitioning to remote delivery, will I still be charged a campus-based fee?

Campus-based fees will continue to be charged as usual. These fees are voted in by a student referendum and fund co-curricular programs, activities, and services that directly benefit students. These services include, but are not limited to, counseling, advising, tutoring, student information systems, and programs. While instruction is being delivered remotely, the UC Santa Barbara community is working hard to provide these services to students in a virtual setting. To find out what virtual services are being offered during the campus closure, please visit the website of the office that provides that service. Students can also log into Shoreline to find out more about current services and events. Financial aid packages will continue to take these fees into account. 

What do I do if I can’t afford Summer Sessions fees? 

Students facing financial challenges due to COVID-19 (e.g. unplanned expenses, changes to employment, etc.) should visit the Financial Aid website for the latest guidance. Students who do not qualify for aid can reach out to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or the BARC Office to discuss options. 

What options do I have for Summer housing?

Because Summer Sessions are transitioning to remote instruction, campus housing will not be generally available during Summer 2020.  Students who are currently living in campus housing during Spring quarter will be allowed to stay in Summer if needed. Otherwise, housing applications received will be automatically cancelled without penalty.  In recognition of the challenging circumstances around COVID-19, the campus has updated the eligibility requirements for the Housing Incentive so that students living outside of university-owned housing may qualify for additional aid. For more details and to apply, please visit our 2020 Summer Housing Incentive webpage. Finally, students facing exceptional circumstances that may necessitate campus housing during the summer should reach out to Housing for assistance. 

What will happen to the Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP) and Transfer Edge?

The Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP) and Transfer Edge will be delivered remotely. Staff, faculty, and program leadership are all deeply invested in helping newly admitted students make a successful transition to UC Santa Barbara. FSSP and Transfer Edge are committed to offering access to workshops about campus resources and college success strategies, an exciting variety of course options, and fun social activities to help you start building friendships that will last a lifetime. We’re working with teams of experts across campus to design academic and program activities to keep you engaged, focused, and connected to one another. 

Will Pre-College Programs still be available to qualified high school students? 

Yes. UC Santa Barbara offers three programmatic options for pre-college students: the Research Mentorship Program, the Summer Research Academies, and the Summer Scholars Program. 

The Research Mentorship Program (RMP) is thrilled to announce that it will be offering an innovative and transformational virtual program this summer. We are working with mentors and faculty to carefully select challenging projects that can be executed remotely, while fostering academic, personal, professional, and social growth for each participant. Our team is designing a robust academic curriculum, adapting existing program components, such as GRIT talks and workshops, and developing new social activities to successfully deliver them in this virtual setting. We will share more information with our participants as details are developed.

The Summer Research Academies (SRA) is excited to offer an outstanding virtual research program this summer that will be an engaging and rich experience for our students. Instructors and Teaching Assistants are transitioning each research track for remote delivery, and innovating with tools and technologies to ensure that students receive a comprehensive introduction to the research enterprise while learning and growing with like-minded peers. Our team is adapting existing program components, such as GRIT talks and workshops, and developing new social activities to successfully deliver them in this virtual setting. We look forward to sharing more information about each track with our participants as details are developed.

The Summer Scholars Program (SSP) is cancelled for 2020. Without the possibility of hosting students residentially, many of the on-campus programmatic elements of SSP will be compromised and we will be unable to offer the robust university experience that our students expect. While SSP will not be offered this year, if students are interested in experiencing UC Santa Barbara academically, they have the option to apply as a Summer Sessions open enrollment student and enroll in undergraduate courses. Please note that these courses will be delivered remotely. If you are interested in the open enrollment option, email for more information.  

Where can I learn more about UC Santa Barbara’s response to COVID-19?

UC Santa Barbara continues to monitor the global COVID-19 outbreak, and has provided guidance and ongoing updates at