People's Voice-THR 43/143

Theater 43 and 143. The People’s Voice: A Joint Collaboration Between the Community and UCSB

This is a course that is open to non-theater majors, as well as those students who are specializing in theater studies.

This class is a joint collaboration with UC students and teens from the community. The community organization involved this year is Boys Camp. Los Prietos Boys Camp provides pro-social training to help rehabilitate delinquent males between the ages of 13 and 18. The goal of Los Prietos is to return wards to the community as responsible and productive members of society.

By it’s nature, this class is not exclusive to theater students. It is open to anyone seeking a fieldwork component with an educational or social service mission.

The course is also open to students that are interested in the power of language in our culture. The focus is on theater as a tool for transformation, understanding and growth. In this exciting new course, theater as a public arena for personal, social, and cultural issues will be explored. Through a series of exercises, the participants discover the unique mythic elements in their lives and how to utilize them to tell the story of The Odyssey of Homer. The goal is to merge the epic and the personal in such a way that the storyteller reveals inner truths within the structure of larger story as outlined by the author’s text and plot. By exploring a great work of literature each participant will tell the tale from his or her own life perspective. The process will culminate in a performance involving both teens and UC students.

It is important to establish a level playing field between the two groups in order to create an open dialog. UC students benefit by learning that a valuable source of their inspiration as artists, educators, and social workers emanates from human stories, both their own and others. The teens will benefit by finding validation for their voices and sharing a creative endeavor in an environment of higher learning. One of the aims of this course is to inspire teenagers’ interest in college by having them work closely with university students.
Discover how our current culture merges with and illuminates epic themes and topics. As a storyteller, you will reveal and validate your own stories within the structure of a great work of literature. Further, participate in the collaborative process by joining a innovative team. Become the hero in your own creative journey.

SESSION A: June 24th  – August 3rd, 2019
Instructor: Michael Morgan –