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The Research Mentorship Program (RMP) engages high-achieving high school students from all over the world in interdisciplinary, hands-on, university-level research. The program prepares students for exceptional achievement in higher education by immersing them in challenging and compelling subject matter, exposing them to the rewards of discovering new knowledge resulting directly from their hard work, and affording opportunities to interact with like-minded young students and professionals who share academic and research interests. Gifts to support the RMP Scholarship Fund ensure that this transformational experience remains available for every qualified student who wants to participate, regardless of his or her financial resources.

RMP Alumni Spotlight

Youssef Sibih
UC Santa Barbara, 2020
2015 Scholarship Recipient
Youssef's Story
cindy diaz
Cindy Diaz
Political Science & Sociology
UC Berkeley, 2021
2016 Scholarship Recipient
Cindy's story
Natalie Moreno
Natalie Moreno
Cell Biology/Biochemistry
Bucknell University, 2022
2017 Scholarship Recipient
Natalie's Story
Jade Chongsathapornpong
MIT, 2023
2018 Scholarship Recipient
Jade's Story

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RMP donors

"The smiles, the dreams, and the possibilities - they are all there during UCSB's Research Mentorship Program. We value sharing our blessings with first-generation and low-income students to help make their educational dreams come true. By supporting RMP, we promote the aspirations of the talented and motivated youth of our community. Helping to open the door of opportunity is an unbelievable honor that we look forward to every year!"

-The Ortiz Family, RMP Supporters since 2007