2019 Fee Information

Summer Sessions fees are determined by your student status at the time of enrollment. Fees listed are subject to change.

UC Students

  • Continuing UCSB students who have not graduated or declared to graduate Spring 2019 or earlier

  • Newly admitted students to the University of California for Fall 2019

  • Visiting UC students (domestic and international)

  • Returning UCSB students who were not enrolled in Spring 2019


$280.00 per unit (no additional unit fees after 15 units)


$490.50 campus-based fee



Graduate Students

$349.00 per unit (no additional unit fees after 12 units)


$223.42 campus-based fee



All UC Students

$2.50 per unit L&S technology fee


Non-UC Students

  • Visiting students from non-UC institutions in the United States

  • UC students who have graduated or petitioned to graduate in a quarter prior to Summer Sessions

All Non-UC Students

$280.00 per unit


$490.50 campus-based fee


$200.00 Summer Application Fee


$2.50 per unit L&S technology fee


Visiting International Students

  • Visiting students from institutions outside of the US

  • International former UCSB students returning after an absence or dismissal

All Visiting International Students

$280.00 per unit


$490.50 campus-based fee


$550.00 Visa Administrative Fee


$2.50 per unit L&S technology fee


Potential Fees

  • Course Materials Fees: Some courses have course Materials/Lab Fees associated with them. These fees will be charged after instruction has begun and will appear on your EBill.

  • Late-Payment Fee: $50.00

  • Lapse Fee: $100.00 for first course and $50.00 for each additional course

  • Re-Registration Fee for the current summer: $50.00

Information for Veterans

The VA Certifying Official in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships verifies enrollment for veterans and military dependents in order to issue the appropriate educational benefits. For more information, please e-mail: VeteransBenefits@sa.ucsb.edu. If you are qualified to receive the California Veterans College Tuition Fee Waiver, please submit your authorization letter to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Initial applicants go to www.cacvso.org. If you already have your authorization letter on file with the Financial Aid Office for the current academic year, your unit fees will automatically be waived. Please visit the Veterans area of the Financial Aid and Scholarships website for more information about VA Benefits at UCSB, the tuition waivercontact information and additional resources.