Summer Culture and Community Grant Program

Proposals Due April 5th, 2019

Download PDF of Request for Proposals 

The Office of Summer Sessions is pleased to announce that funding will once again be available to assist departments and organizations interested in planning and implementing special intellectual and cultural programming this summer. Although the name has changed, the goal of the program remains to offer special campus-wide academic and/or cultural programs open to all summer students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community to enrich the Summer term.
Programs may include one or more lectures and other special events: concerts, performances, films, or exhibits devoted to an in-depth exploration of a single topic or experience; a mixed set of intellectual or cultural experiences exploring a variety of different topics; or Scholar-in-Residence or Artist-in- Residence programs, in which a visiting scholar or artist might give a master class or other public demonstration, exhibition, and/or performance.

Who May Apply?

Faculty who teach summer courses, or Departments, Divisions, Colleges, Schools, or student groups, other academic or student affairs/student residential life units who offer programs or services during the Summer term may apply.

To Do What?

The program will provide financial resources and advertising support to help faculty, departments and other units offer summer intellectual or cultural experiences that enhance and supplement summer academic experiences of the UCSB campus and surrounding community.

Proposals must be for programming that will occur during the 12-week Summer term. Funding for approved programs will be available to support planning activities that take place prior to the Summer term.

For What Purposes May Grant Funds Be Used?

Grant funds may be used for:

  • Technical or staff support for the development, implementation, or offering of the summer intellectual or cultural program or event(s).

  • Student or staff assistant salaries for those essential to planning and offering the summer program or event(s); UCSB faculty stipends up to $1,000 in partial recognition of work over and above normal responsibilities.

  • Supplies, such as paper, removable computer media, equipment and room rental needed to develop and/ or offer the summer program or event(s).

  • Travel and/or per diem expenses, and salaries or stipends for lecturers, performers, artists, or scholars-in-residence involved in the summer program or event(s).

Please Note: Purchases of equipment will not be funded. 

Level of Support Available

Total funding for the Summer Culture and Community Grant Program is limited to $40,000, and each applicant may request a maximum of $10,000. Because more proposals are usually submitted than can be funded, applicants contemplating requesting an amount close to $10,000 should consider including a viable program and budget alternative in the event that full funding for their proposal is not supported by the review committee. 

How To Apply

Proposals must consist of the following (all items on the following checklist should be addressed):

  • 200 word abstract.

  • A brief (5 pages or fewer) narrative addressing the following points:

  • Background information about the proposed program(s) or event(s), including a description of the anticipated audience or beneficiaries, and the anticipated goals and outcomes with respect to impact on enrolled summer students and the campus community.

  • Identification of special classroom, audio-visual, or other requirements.

  • A description and timeline showing key planning dates for the development and implementation process for the proposed program(s)/event(s).

  • Brief description and timeline for an advertising campaign for the proposed program(s)/event(s). The timeline should include a target date of no later than May 25, 2019 for the release of initial advertising material.

  • Evaluation plans and proposed mechanisms for assessing the quality and impact of the program(s)/event(s) on the anticipated audience.

  • Detailed budget, itemized with justification for specific items, and identification of department, unit, and/or divisional financial/staff/other support available for the proposed project (if any).

  • Names and contact details of the principal faculty, staff person or student group representative who will coordinate the program(s)/event(s) should funding be approved.

  • Letter of support from department chair, unit control point or equivalent from all participating entities involved in a proposal involving multiple departments or units.

Criteria for Proposal Review

Proposals will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee of faculty, staff, and students. 

Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of the:

  • Clarity with which goals of the proposed program(s)/event(s) are articulated.

  • Potential impact for enriching the intellectual and/or cultural experiences of summer students and the campus community.

  • Feasibility of the program(s)/event(s).

  • Commitment of the stakeholders to the success of the project.

Final Report Requirement for Funded Programs

A brief report (1-2 pages maximum) describing program outcomes, including an assessment of its impact and a summary of expenditures, must be submitted to Rachel Johnston, Assistant Director, Office of Summer Sessions no later than October 31, 2019. Please note that if you fail to submit the final report your program will not be eligible for funding in Summer 2020.

Where to Submit Proposals

Proposals must be submitted as attachments in an email addressed to: Rachel Johnston ( 

Deadline for Submission

April 5th, 2019
For proposal application questions and/or assistance please contact Rachel Johnston (