Summer Minors

Complete a minor over the Summer!

Summer minors are minor programs structured such that they can be completed over 1–2 summers. In today’s job market, students are consistently looking for ways to set themselves apart with employers and graduate schools. Adding a minor to your degree can help you to develop a breadth of knowledge and skills that will allow you to stand out. Plus, summer is an ideal time to pursue a minor, as students often have more time and flexibility in summer than during the regular academic year.

Currently UCSB offers the following Summer minor options:

Media Arts & Design 

Speech-Language Sciences & Disorders 

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Do I have to complete all of the minor courses over the Summer?

No! Many minor courses are available during the academic year, and students can complete them at any time. However, some Summer minors may require courses that are only offered in Summer.  These will be noted on the webpage specific to that minor.  In these cases, students should plan accordingly.

How will a Summer minor appear on my transcript or diploma?

Once completed, Summer minors appear on your diploma and transcript in exactly the same way as any other minor.  There will be no indication that the minor was completed in Summer.

How do I declare a Summer minor?

To officially declare a Summer minor, please email the minor’s host department. Students do not need to declare the minor to begin taking courses, but must declare the minor before applying to graduate to ensure the degree is awarded.

  • For the minor in Media Arts & Design, email Allyson Walker (
  • For the minor in Speech-Language Sciences & Disorders, email