Senior Transfer Seminars

UC Santa Barbara is a place where people create knowledge. This happens in classrooms, studios, laboratories, museums, and workshops; it happens as faculty and students collaborate on big questions with answers yet to be discovered. Discovery @ UCSB Seminars offer opportunities for students to learn about how this knowledge-making takes place and how to become part of it. Small group courses, taught by UCSB faculty members, enroll between 10-30 students and utilize P/NP grading. Seminars are specifically geared toward transfer students entering their second year at UC Santa Barbara, but are open to all upper-division standing students, regardless of campus college or major.

INT 189BB: SciTrek: Critical Thinking for K-12 and University Students (1 unit)

The SciTrek science outreach program reaches 2000 K-12 students and relies on 200-300 UCSB undergraduates to help students better understand how science works. During the summer a core group of UCSB students (Team SciTrek) works to develop new modules, improve all aspects of these modules (1-2 week in class activities in the K-12 classrooms covering all aspects of STEM) and develop assessments and carry out statistical analysis of past assessments. This seminar will be delivered virtually.

INT 189BC: Introduction to Upper Division Science Laboratories (1 unit)

Students will discuss what their career goals are, and how they can position themselves within MCDB to achieve their goals. A focus will be on careers in Biotechnology, Medicine, and Biomedical Research. Additionally, students can expect a tour of different teaching facilities in BSIF, the advisor areas in LSB, as well as the research labs in LSB. Students will do a simple experiment to get an idea of what upper division labs are like. This seminar will take place in-person on the UC Santa Barbara campus. 

INT 189BD: Undergraduate Academic Planning for Engineering Students (1 unit)

This seminar sequence provides a comprehensive overview of the academic journey of engineering students at UCSB. The sessions will cover the curriculum, study plans, internships on campus and in industry, faculty advising, peer mentorship, graduate applications, and alumni networks. The topics will also be applicable to students in science and related programs. This seminar will be delivered virtually. 

INT 177OA: Outer Space Transfers: Sci-Fi for New Gauchos (2 units)

Through science fiction TV, film, and text, learn how to engage alien cultures, recover from invisible and deadly microbes, and boldly go from technological isolation to in-person life on a strange new campus. This seminar will take place in-person on the UC Santa Barbara campus.