With hundreds of courses offered every Summer, the options can be overwhelming! We’re shining a spotlight on a selection of courses designed to diversify your experience and broaden your horizons. 

The courses highlighted below are newly developed, offer unique elements or learning outcomes, highlight a trending topic, or open up to non-majors during the Summer Quarter. We’ll keep adding to this list to connect you with hard-to-find courses that make a lasting impact. 

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Course Spotlight General

Consider the history of disease both as a subject of scientific inquiry and a cultural and religious phenomenon. Scholarships are available to offset the unit costs associated with this course. 

In "The Second Year Experience," students learn about how to engage with UCSB's mission and the exciting work being done here, from the administration to the generation of new knowledge to the production of creative projects.

This course uses a series of videos to introduce students to renowned faculty, research opportunities, and varying disciplines of study at UC Santa Barbara. 

Students and teens from the community collaborate in writing, crafting, and performing an epic myth through the lens of their personal stories.

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