Academics + Course Registration

Transfer Edge enables students to get a head start academically by registering for 6–12 units to meet their individual educational goals. The program also facilitates access to transfer-specific courses that help students get the most out of their UC Santa Barbara experience, by providing information about campus resources, research opportunities, on-campus jobs, and more.


Transfer Edge Curriculum

Transfer Edge participants benefit from a customizable curriculum of 6-12 units. In addition to participating in the required Core Course and Major Exploration Course, students are afforded the opportunity to register for additional courses in Session B that suit their educational needs. From College and Major Requirements, to Electives, students are invited to make progress toward their degree in a variety of ways. Click through the infographic below to learn more. 

*The fees associated with Major Exploration Courses will be refunded upon successful completion of the course.

Transfer Edge Curriculum

6–12 units total

Core Course

Transfer Edge Seminar (1 unit):All Transfer Edge students will participate in this required seminar, which will explore resources that support transfer students' successful transition to UC Santa Barbara and assist students in identifying the transferable skills they already have to navigate this new system. Students will engage in large and small group discussions and be active contributors to their own and their classmates' learning.

Required Course. The entire Transfer Edge cohort will take this course during the program.

Major Exploration Course

Transferring to the Research University (2 units): This fully online course introduces incoming transfer students to the varying disciplines of study and research opportunities available at UCSB. The course delivers a series of videos featuring UCSB faculty detailing their specific discipline, and explaining how research is conducted within the discipline. Videos also include professional and personal information about faculty members' interest in the area of study. Transfer students will learn about their selected major (if previously determined) and have opportunities to consider additional majors/minors, and research interests.

Transfer Exploration Seminar in Communication (1 unit): Students who have declared Pre-Communication as a major learn about how this discipline is approached at UC Santa Barbara, get introduced to campus faculty and their research areas, and learn "insider information" about the department and its opportunities.

Transfer Exploration Seminar in Economics (1 unit): Students who have declared Pre-Economics/Pre-Economics & Accounting as a major learn about UC Santa Barbara’s approach to this varied discipline, and how to be a successful Econ major at a Research I university.

Required Course. All Transfer Edge participants will take one of the three major exploration courses during the program.

Academic Course(s)

Complete any pre-major requirements (if applicable), or dip your toes into your upper division major coursework while taking advantage of smaller class sizes, and Transfer Edge resources. 

Fulfill college requirements as needed. Be sure to check in with advisors in your respective college to avoid any course duplication!

Explore the wide variety of courses UC Santa Barbara has to offer. Consider a potential double major, minor, or area of research interest. 

Variable. Students will round out their Transfer Edge schedule by selecting one or more courses that align with their academic goals.

Course Registration Process for Admitted Students

Within one week of admission to Transfer Edge, UC Santa Barbara Summer Sessions will:

Provide students with information on how to seek academic advising at the university.

Register students for the required Transfer Edge coursework (core course and major exploration course).

Upon admission to Transfer Edge, students should:


Students should contact their academic advisor (specific information will be listed in their Transfer Edge acceptance email) to ensure the courses they would like to take align with their educational goals. Please note that most academic advisors will request unofficial transcripts.


Review Summer course offerings on GOLD (filter by courses offered in Session B).
Additional GOLD resources can be found GOLD 101: How to Use GOLD.


Register for 1-2 academic courses on GOLD
Students must maintain a schedule of 6 units in Session B to sustain Transfer Edge eligibility, and may not drop the Core Course or their Major Exploration Course from their schedule.