Research Mentorship Program (RMP)

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Research Mentorship Program (RMP) is thrilled to announce that it will be offering an innovative and transformational virtual program this summer. We are working with mentors and faculty to carefully select challenging projects that can be executed remotely, while fostering academic, personal, professional, and social growth for each participant. Our team is designing a robust academic curriculum, adapting existing program components, such as GRIT talks and workshops, and developing new social activities to successfully deliver them in this virtual setting. We will share more information with our participants as details are developed.


The Research Mentorship Program is a competitive, six-week summer program that engages qualified, high-achieving high school students from all over the world in interdisciplinary, hands-on, university-level research. Students will be paired up with a mentor (graduate student, postdoc, or faculty) and choose a research project from a large list of disciplines offered by the program each year.

In addition to gaining a deep relationship with their mentor, they will learn about research techniques, gain insight into professional research-based opportunities, and mature their academic goals. The lecture series - GRIT talks - will connect students to some of the best minds among the UCSB research community who present on their ground-breaking research and innovative technology. Along with these academic benefits, the students will be immersed in university life and networked with equally ambitious and curious peers.

Program Dates: June 21 – August 1, 2020

Applications for the 2020 program are now closed.