SRA Research Tracks

Program Format

Students participating in the Summer Research Academies will earn 4 university credits by taking an interdisciplinary research course that teaches fundamental concepts in the particular track they choose, leading to more specific topics current in the field. Students will learn how to compose a formal research report and gain key communication skills to effectively present findings.

Starting the first week, students will develop an appropriate research question and build the framework for their project. During the first half of the program, students will participate in specially designed hands-on labs that demonstrate concepts and reinforce principles learned in lecture. In the second half, the focus will shift from labs to investigation and analysis in order to allow students to present their results in a formal capstone seminar at the conclusion of the program. 

The general academic component of the program is as follows:

Week 1: 4 Lectures | 2 Labs | 2 Discussions | 2 GRIT talk

Week 2: 4 Lectures | 2 Labs | 2 Discussions | 2 GRIT talks

Week 3: 4 Lectures | 3 Discussions | 2 GRIT talks

Week 4: 4 Lectures | 3 Discussions | 2 GRIT talks | Capstone Seminar

2021 Research Tracks

The list of courses will be published in November. Stay tuned!

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